The age of smartphones has been already stated that we already know. Today’s word most of the smartphones are running on Android operating, and the left once includes Apple IOS and then windows, all are good on their own. But as we hear so far or you can say we are experiencing so far that Android is more hungry regarding battery performance, not all but most of the smartphones drain very faster. Only the battery is the main factor where the people plan to leave this supporting OS. So today in this post we will be discussing some of the great best battery saver app for android, till they are the best battery saver for android tested. We have the list of top battery savers for android you should prefer to last long.

1. DU Battery Saver

The apps give you 50% more battery than usual. After opening the app, you get an enhanced data of your battery uses. The app comes with lots more battery saving modes. The app will maintain your applications like if something is not in use and taking your battery unnecessarily, then it will automatically close that app or work which is just consuming your power. The app comes in two version, a free and paid, in the paid version of the app, it will give 20% more features and life than usual free one. The app also has a paid and pro version, in paid version you will get more customized features.


2. JuiceDefender

Oversee power as per your particular inclinations or use preset profiles and augment the battery life of your Android with JuiceDefender. As though it had its very own brain, which returns the juice to your gadget via naturally and straightforwardly (automatically) dealing with the most power-depleting elements of your phone, like for mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connectivity and brightness of the screen.


Completely adjustable, JuiceDefender has an original format, and it can keep running all alone once sets for your device. The limitation of this app we found it turn on the Mobile Data and other connections some time without any reason, but we like the way this app saves battery.

3. Battery Doctor

The main highlight of this app, it is an honest app, we noticed. The app tells you the exact thing about your battery life. No such other apps like, they say it will give you that much and ends very fast. The app will give you accurate information about apps, which how much your apps are using the power and after shutting down that app how much you can get exactly, the app also tells, the very much correct battery’s left time, and how much? More to go.


The app also has an automated system to perform, the battery saving tasks once seated. The limitations, bad points we noticed about this app, you can notice app crashed sometimes, and also the app will give you lots of notifications to shut down the apps, at times which is irritating.

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4. Booster for Android

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Booster for Android expands your smartphone regarding everything like boosting your performance of the device to increase your battery level.


What exactly the app does yes that is the question right? The app is not entirely made to save your battery only, the app cleans your Android system and boosts the speed by clearing the cache, killing the useless running apps and files too. That is the main things that stop or break your battery performance if that are cleaned than nothing can halt the battery, and undoubtedly increase your battery performance.

5. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver helps you to increase your battery life, up to 20% to 30% and it’s free of cost from avast.It optimizes your device settings for example like Internet connectivity, your screen brightness, and timeout as per your needs and willingness.

Some useful features of this app are, Smart profiles automatically activated as per your location and time, and also battery level. Application Consumption highlight to distinguish and for all time stop force depleting applications. Exact evaluations of remaining battery life given real phone use and recorded information.

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In case if we left some best battery saver app for android, You can also suggest us through comments below.

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